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Transportation Soil Engineering

in Cold Regions

20 –23 May 2019                            St. Petersburg, Russia 

The “cold regions” of the world cover large areas in the northern hemisphere, including Canada, Alaska, Finland, Norway, Sweden, vast portion of China and Russia, and all the northern tier of the United States. Cold regions cover 50% of the world’s total land area.


Transportation infrastructure in cold regions faces great technical challenges due to ground freeze-thaw or permafrost degradation. New transportation infrastructure on embankments, such as high-speed railways on slab tracks or highways, requires high geometry standards.


TRANSOILCOLD2019 aims to provide a broader look at the overall problems faced by designers, contractors, and infrastructure owners during planning and building of transport infrastructure in cold regions.

Conference programme includes Young Geotechnical Engineers Symposium.

TRANSOILCOLD2019 is organized as the follow-up to TRANSOILCOLD symposiums, held in 2013 (Xining, China), 2015 (Novosibirsk, Russia) and 2017 (Gui-de, China).

Conference language is English.

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